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Concept to Production

ink Process.

Client Contact
- Account Manager makes contact with a potential or existing client.
- A brief is written based on the design and creative requirements, either by ink or the client's internal Marketing Manager.
- Production schedules and deadlines are outlined.

Marketing Analysis
- If required, marketing assistance is suggested - available to the client direct through one of ink's marketing alliances.

Design Meeting
- After developing a design brief and gathering necessary market research, a design meeting is held to find innovative solutions which will achieve the clients objectives.
- Supplier quotes are researched and presented to the client alongside a breakdown of design and management hours.

- Concepts and quotes are discussed with the client including printing, stock, size, colour, branding direction etc.
- The quoting structure should present a clear picture of the project to the client in regards to requirements, associated hours and cost.

- Chosen concepts from the design meeting are developed by one or more designers as required.
- A concept may be presented as a rough sketch/layouts, or as a more refined first draft version.
- This vital stage should see confirmation by the client of a correct design direction by ink.

- The design is refined and the concept is brought to life.
- A first draft or proof is given to the client (either signed off or developed further).
- Amendments are made if required.

Client Approval
- Once the client has signed of the design the artwork is prepared for print, programming (web) or post production (film).
- Press checks are performed / production is managed.

- The quality of the job is monitored by ink.
- Printing is delivered, ads are published, websites are uploaded, CDs and DVDs are burnt. ink ensures the client is satisfied.


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