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Effective design will communicate your competitive advantages to your target market. The design may entertain, amuse, shock or aesthetically please the audience, but it must enhance the c communication process to be of use to you. INK design understands this, and offers three key strengths to ensure that our design communicates.

INK Design prides itself on its ability to understand its clients' business, market and goals. We'll take the time to appreciate what you would like your marketing activities to achieve, and we will work to communicate what is in your head with your target market.

INK Design does not force its clients to follow a rigid design style. Our design team understands the importance of design coherence and consistency, but each designer brings a distinctive creative flair to a project. Your intended audience has unique characteristics, and we do not apply a robotic mentality to communicating with it.

INK Design does not take on more work than it can do justice to. We will only accept projects if we have the available capacity to perform at our best. This allows us to take the time to truly understand what the project should achieve.

Ian Mutch
Senior Creative
INK Design. Perth.


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